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About Joshua Muggleton

Joshua Muggleton, 23, has Asperger's Syndrome.

Since 2005 he has been giving talks on high functioning Autism and Aspergers Syndrome across the UK. Drawing on personal experience, anecdotes, and academic research, Josh aims to give his audience an insight into life with Aspergers Syndrome. His interactive, informal and experience based approach has made him a highly popular speaker with parents, teachers and professionals alike. Often using his own personal story, Joshua also delivers speeches at other awareness raising events, highlighting the difficulties he has faced and the successes he has achieved, to deliver a positive, inspirational and motivating message. Find out more  about Joshua’s talks and availability

Josh is also an avid campaigner, believing education and awareness is the silver bullet to improving acceptance and opportunities for those on the spectrum. To that end Josh has spoken to MP's in the House of Commons and political party conferences, and has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, Radio 4, and Radio 5. In 2008 Joshua was followed during his first year at university by the Bafta nominated Channel 4 series YearDot,. Joshua was also elected a National Councillor for the National Autistic Society in 2007, and is currently the youngest ever serving councillor in the society's history. In 2010 Joshua was elected for a second term.

Alongside his work in Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Josh has pursued both an academic and applied career in psychology. In 2012, he was awarded a Bachelor of Science with First Class honours in Psychology from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, with special commendation for outstanding contribution to the field of psychology. Since September 2012, he has been pursuing a Masters in Clinical Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Along side his academic study, Josh has worked as Assistant Psychologist in Autism specific private practices, and as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist for NHS Trusts. In early 2013, he was awarded a prestigious Winston Churchill Memorial Trust scholarship to investigate the adaptation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for people with Autism. To that end, in January 2014 he will travel to the world-renowned Minds and Hearts Clinic in Australia to intern for eight weeks. In the coming years, Joshua hopes to undertake a doctoral training in order to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist. 

Joshua has also written his first book “Raising Martians: from Crash-landing to Leaving Home”. Designed to be a handbook for parents of children with Aspergers and High Functioning autism, Raising Martians is now available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers and through most online and High Street bookshops. His second book is currently being written.

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